Stakeholder Engagement

How we connect with some of our stakeholders: Our communication and engagement methods:


  • Regular meetings with unions’ leadership and employees; ongoing communication in the face of impending changes in working conditions.
  • Regular meetings with employees to discuss matters relating to performance of the business as well as the status of planned/executed projects.
  • Sending important announcements about the project to employees via notices or emails.

Non-profit Organisations

  • Regular meetings to discuss empowerment, skills development, poverty eradication,
  • HIV programmes, employee health and wellness and a wide range of topics.
  • Regular meetings to discuss environmental topics of interest.

Industry Bodies

  • Open lines of communication with advisors to share insight from industry (designated email/point of contacts to share relevant insight).
  • Consultation meetings.
  • Sharing of lessons learnt and insight into the future thinking in the industry.


  • Reviewing monthly supplier statements to ensure that procurement standards are in line with policies, procedures, and standards
  • Email correspondence with suppliers to offer any important information and updates.
  • Staying current on main supplier business prospects and risks.

Local Community

  • Notices on websites offering information and encourage community participation on current issues:
    • Job applications/news
    • Closure/new projects
    • Environmental impact
  • Open-door policy to encourage members of society to convey any concerns or praises.
  • Regular bulletins to promote training commitments per the social labour plans.
  • Social media presence to promote an online engagement with the community at large.


  • Complaint resolution/customer grievances:
    • A grievance form and the complaints register are available at operational premises.
  • Strategically placed at various points and on our business channels and business contracts.
  • Sending emails to our customers about important notices.
  • Customer statements and reconciliations

Stakeholder engagement [photo]