ESG Consciousness

Ndalamo is committed to sustainability and is developing a strategy focused on ESG consciousness, diversification, and decarbonisation to create sustainable value for stakeholders including equity partners, employees, and host communities.

Our Sustainability Strategy includes ESG best practices, protecting the environment, promoting social upliftment, ensuring good governance, and acting on climate change. All our strategic initiatives aim to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

Our ESG goals

We endeavour to contribute positively to our communities by aiming to achieve the following goals:

Our inaugural ESG report is available from the Company on request

Better mining

  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Reduction of damage to biodiversity
  • Reduction of atmospheric pollution
  • Solid waste (reduction of non-recyclables and increase of recyclables)
  • Focus on returning rehabilitated land back to approved end- land use

Better energy

  • Reduction of non-renewable energy sources
  • Increase in renewable energy sources

Better water

  • Reduction of water usage/consumption
  • Reduction off effluent to the natural environment
  • Increase in recycled water
  • Increase in community access to water

Developing healthier and safer operations

  • Decrease in Total Incident Frequency Rate (TIFR)
  • Increase in safety awareness and learning opportunities
  • Increase engagement between leaders and employees regarding safety (through a Visible Felt Leadership programme)
  • Increase employee awareness on management of chronic diseases (wellness days)
  • Increased access to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to assist those suffering with work or non-work-related issues
  • Reduction and prevention of absolute numbers of occupational health diseases

Creating equal opportunities

  • Increase amount of female executive members Growing our communities
  • Increase in investments made into local communities
  • Increase in the number of individuals supported
  • Increase in development of local Small, Medium and Micro-enterprises (SMMEs)

Our values and operations

  • Increase in sustainable KPIs used in remuneration packages
  • Increase in attendance to culture developing workshops

Ensuring positive values and ethics

  • Enhancing the current processes in place
  • Improving the whistle-blowing and compliance related process while reducing the time in resolving such issue

Economic growth

  • Increase in profits
  • Increase in sustainable R&D