Environmental Management

At Ndalamo, we take our commitment to environmental sustainability seriously, and we strive to maximise our net positive footprint. We recognise the importance of protecting and preserving the environment and have implemented various measures to reduce our impact.

One of our key priorities is ensuring that all mining and related activities are appropriately authorised, complying with all statutory environmental requirements. We continuously strive to implement best practices and comply with recognised non-statutory environmental requirements, to use environmental resources as efficiently as possible, promoting the effective use of resources.

Our dedication to environmental sustainability also includes the development of and investment in innovative projects and programmes to address environmental impacts, by encouraging the use of alternative natural green resources. We actively work to understand and minimise risks through proactive measures and mitigation to protect our natural environmental resources. We also build capacity and skills to create a culture of environmental leadership and stewardship while ensuring transparency through internal and external environmental assurance.


Our aim is to achieve a net positive balance while simultaneously working towards a net zero loss in biodiversity. Which is why we prioritise proper planning and environmental evaluation before any activities commence. Identifying and assessing the potential environmental impacts, developing and implementing environmental management plans to mitigate those impacts during exploration, operation, and decommissioning phases.


All our mining operations allocate annual provisions for rehabilitation and closure as is required. This ensures that we take the necessary steps to minimise the environmental impact of our mining activities and to rehabilitate the land after mining operations cease. Our aim is to return land back to or as close as possible to its original state. And going forward, we plan to start focusing on rehabilitated land as a source of potential new innovative projects.

Climate change

Climate change poses significant risks, including extreme weather events, increasing temperatures, and diesel and fuel price volatility. We are aware of these risks and are committed to addressing them. Ndalamo plans to assist in achieving its key climate changes objectives through initiatives such as developing a decarbonisation strategy for the company, with the aim of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. We will also investigate the adaptation of the task force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) frameworks and the adoption of the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact across the company. We recognise that a collective approach is essential throughout our decarbonisation journey and will continuously engage with all stakeholders to achieve optimum results.

North Block Complex Water Treatment Plant [photo]


Water is life!

North Block Complex has an operational Water Treatment Plant (WTP) within the Mining complex.
The WTP has been designed to treat an average of 1.5 ML/day.

The objective of the WTP is to:

  • treat and purify water for reuse in the operations,
  • minimize the environmental impact of the Mine on the surrounding environment,
  • reduce water consumption thereby reusing the treated water in the Mine, and
  • in the long term provide purified water for the use by the local community.
North Block Complex Water Treatment Plant [photo]