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Coal Industry Unites: SACMA Elects New President as Ndalamo Resources CEO Urges Collaborative Action

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa – February 26, 2024 – The South African Colliery Managers' Association (SACMA) convened its 46th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday 23 February, ushering in a new era under the leadership of Londolani Rampfumedzi as its President.


Rampfumedzi, a distinguished figure within the mining industry, assumes the presidency during a critical period for the South African coal sector. The industry grapples with a challenging operational landscape characterised by energy security concerns, logistical complexities, and fluctuating funding prospects.

“As an industry, we bear a profound responsibility to actively engage in the social programmes we undertake, to meticulously manage our operations with an ESG lens, and to fiercely compete. It is imperative that we foster sustainable communities, safeguard the environment, nurture the well-being of our workforce, and cultivate an industry that confronts challenges head-on, making purposeful decisions and taking decisive actions to leave our operational domains enriched rather than depleted,” asserted Rampfumedzi.

In pursuit of SACMA's objectives, a pivotal resolution was made to enhance the involvement of what has conventionally been labelled as junior miners in council and SACMA initiatives. Rampfumedzi elaborated, “This strategic move aims to infuse diverse perspectives and mindsets into SACMA's discourse, enabling us to effectively engage with all stakeholders vital to the coal industry. We remain steadfast in ensuring their representation at the decision-making table, where their voices will be heard loud and clear as we chart the course of our association's activities and programmes.”

During his keynote address, Shammy Luvhengo, CEO of Ndalamo Resources, delivered a message on the vital importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the coal industry. With unwavering conviction, Luvhengo emphasized the imperative of mutual empowerment and the harnessing of collective expertise to meet the dynamic demands of the market. “As an industry, we must uplift one another. The coal market presents opportunities ripe for our collective grasp, and together, through collaboration and shared learning, we can accomplish far more,” he declared.

Moreover, Luvhengo accentuated the fundamental role of SACMA as the nucleus for facilitating the exchange of insights and best practices, particularly in the realm of logistics solutions. He underscored, “SACMA stands as the cornerstone for fostering collaboration and disseminating knowledge. It is through this centralised platform that we can streamline our operations and drive industry-wide progress.”

In addition, Luvhengo emphasized the transformative impact of standardization and innovation in bolstering product consistency and fortifying industry resilience. “Through standardization, we can ensure unparalleled consistency and reliability in our offerings,” he remarked, underlining the transformative potential of innovation in unlocking the latent value of overlooked resources. “Innovation has proven to be the cornerstone for junior miners, enabling them to maximise the potential of previously discarded resources. This spirit of innovation is indispensable for our entire industry to thrive amidst the prevailing uncertainties,” Luvhengo concluded, leaving a resonant call to action reverberating throughout the audience.

President Rampfumedzi expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead SACMA during this pivotal juncture, stating, “I am honoured to lead SACMA at this pivotal moment. By working together, embracing innovation, and sharing knowledge, we can navigate the current challenges and ensure a sustainable future for the South African coal industry.”

SACMA remains steadfast in its commitment to core responsibilities, which encompass facilitating expertise transfer, networking, and promoting knowledge sharing within the coal industry. These efforts aim to enhance value for members, businesses, and the broader industry, while also fostering a sense of community and social interaction among SACMA members.