Ndalamo Energy

At Ndalamo we believe that sustainable value starts with sustainable solutions, which is why Ndalamo Energy, Ndalamo Metals, and Ndalamo Ferros focus on renewable and green energy projects that power cleaner energy opportunities across South Africa.

Our energy optimisation strategy involves developing energy management guidelines, taking a holistic approach to energy management across our activities, integrating energy management systems, collaborating with all stakeholders, investing in, as well as investigating, new technology and operating practices.

This includes, but is not limited to, the use of rehabilitated land for the construction of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Plants that will feed both into our operations and into the Eskom grid. We also plan on using some rehabilitated land as carbon sinks through a forestation project. Indigenous trees will be evaluated and planted as part of a trial motivating for a wider implementation process across our operations.

We are also investigating measures to reduce our fossil fuel usage through an automation and optimisation process and our environmental management plans encompass various components such as water management, biodiversity management, waste management, air quality management, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

With our commitment to a low-carbon future in mind, we aim to leverage our strengths and diversify our portfolio to offer renewable solutions. As part of our path to diversification, we are establishing a diversified investment holding company with exposure to various commodities, including renewable energy.

Our goal is to become a significant provider of renewable energy solutions by 2030, aligning with our ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, contributing to a cleaner world.

Renewable Energy Strategy

Ndalamo Energy will develop and construct Solar PV plants to supply own demand first and make provision to scale up capacity as required. We will also explore adding further capacity through wheeled wind projects, battery storage and other technologies.


Delivering on Ndalamo’s ambition ESG conscious, carbon neutral by 2050 and a diversified resource portfolio.

Seizing the renewables opportunity powering a clean world.

How will we play?

Start with own generation projects and expand decarbonisation services business.

Build on our mining and renewables skills and networks.

Leverege deep understanding of the market and networks focused on mid-tier and junior miners.

Partnerships and skills.

Inorganic entry to select new growth markets.


Our Journey to Decarbonisation

We continually monitor and evaluate our environmental performance, identifying opportunities for improvement while implementing measures to minimise any negative impacts on the environment. Always, at every level of Ndalamo, our shared objective is to achieve sustainable mining practices that protect the environment for generations to come, creating sustainable value for one and all.

Ndalamo has various strategic initiatives to ensure that we realise our objective to become a carbon-neutral diversified resources company.

Strategic initiatives include:

  • Development of a climate change policy:
    We are currently developing policy on climate change, including the initiatives to be undertaken as pioneers within the mid-tier miner space that could result in better access to finance.
  • Outsourced services:
    Partnering with contractors to reduce their emissions, and in turn our Scope 3 emissions.
  • Energy management Initiatives:
    Ndalamo intends to take advantage of SARS incentives, reducing our tax liability based on our ability to reduce our electricity usage. We are currently exploring technology to reduce energy consumption and achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Management of carbon tax liability:
    Understanding carbon tax and conducting an adequate assessment of potential liability as well as initiatives to offset our payable tax.