From one small seed

The mighty baobab is more than a deciduous tree and can live for up to a thousand years, hence it is often referred to as: “THE TREE OF LIFE.”

The mighty baobab is at the centre of a multitude of ecosystems and can provide for all kinds of life that exists beyond its branches. Perhaps the most fascinating presence of the baobab is the powerful system we cannot see, a root system that is continuously unlocking potential. It is the baobab’s hidden, extensive root system, that not only keeps it firmly anchored, but that spreads widely to catch the first rains and all the potential it unlocks.

Who we are

Like the strong baobab, at Ndalamo Resources we believe: “OUR ROOTS ARE OUR FUTURE.” We believe that by establishing a strong, stable and secure foundation we will grow exponentially and unlock current as well as future potential both in South Africa and Africa.

Just like the roots of the baobab, we at Ndalamo believe that our “ROOTS” lie in our organisational culture – which is a combination of the values that guide us and the habits of our people. This is what anchors our organisation.

The Board and Executive Team at Ndalamo plays the key role of the “TRUNK” in that is connects the roots to the branches by providing the necessary guidance and direction to unify the different departments as well as to ensure all are working towards a common goal.

The “BRANCHES” of the baobab represent the diversified portfolio Ndalamo has committed to and is aligned to the vision and mission of the Organisation.

The “LEAVES” represent the various Departments and all the individuals who ultimately play a crucial role in the overall success and growth of the Organisation

For Ndalamo to achieve its goals and objectives, it will adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the Minerals and Energy sector by ensuring each layer of the organisation is prepared for any challenge. Ndalamo will adopt the same principles of the strong baobab and ensure all departments, teams, and employees function together to sustain growth, success, and importantly longevity.

Boabab tree [photo]