About us

Ndalamo Resources is a 100% black owned mid-tier coal producer formed in February 2013, from the amalgamation of various mining, financial, sustainability and social responsibility inclined professionals and entrepreneurs. We are focused on mining investment opportunities in the South African mining sector. Ndalamo Resources has majority direct interest in New Clysdale Colliery, North Block Complex, and Ubuntu Colliery coal assets, alongside Universal Coal.

Primary Objective

Our Primary Objective is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders including our equity providers, employees and communities.

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Our Vision

To be the leading, diversified mining and energy company across multiple commodities and geographies while promoting responsible environmental and social practices.

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Our Mission

To be a reputable and reliable mining group that consistently meets the market demand for coal as well as other commodities and creates sustainable value for stakeholders.

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Our values

  • Professional Integrity
  • Agile and Progressive
  • Inclusive and Empowered
  • Collaborative Excellence
  • Safety and Well-being

Strategy and Growth

Our Key Strategic focus areas which are the pillars of our Corporate Strategy

Sustainability and ESG

Our Key Strategic focus areas which are the pillars of our Corporate Strategy
  • Become an ESG conscious organization. Through this strategy, we aim to cultivate sustainable value for our diverse range of stakeholders, including equity partners, employees, and host communities. Our sustainability strategy is built upon the principles of ESG best practices, environmental protection, social upliftment, responsible governance, and proactive climate action. By integrating these elements into all our strategic initiatives, we strive to generate enduring value that benefits each and every one of our stakeholders.

Growth and Diversification

Our Plans for Growth:
  • Our growth and diversification strategy involves expanding our basket to include a few new commodities as well as establishing a renewable energy arm of Ndalamo Resources called Ndalamo Energy.
  • Address the energy needs of our customers through our coal operations now and in the future.

Operational Excellence

  • Operational excellence through efficient and safe mining practices, robust risk management, and optimizing business processes and costs while maintaining high-quality production.
  • Enhancing our business processes requires an in-depth knowledge of the drivers from market to resource for optimal value extraction, ensuring scalability, exploring synergies and maintaining flexibility by:
    • Process and Resource Optimisation – We will implement best-in-class mining practices, including efficient mine planning, optimized production processes, and effective management of our contractors.
    • Innovation and Technology – Investing in advanced technologies, such as automation, data analytics, and digitalization, to improve operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability.
    • Operations Strategy Alignment – We will implement some standardization on core competencies to improve efficiency within existing assets and future acquisitions.
    • Risk Management – Enhancing our risk management framework to identify, mitigate, and monitor operational risks, including safety, health, environmental, and regulatory risks.

The vision and strategy conceptualised in 2013 has led to Ndalamo becoming an established mid‑tier coal producer.

Company Structure

Company structure [chart]